CHIEVRES, Belgium - The Commanding General of Installation Management Command paved a new path to garrison leadership in March when he launched the IMCOM Campaign Plan.

Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch said the purpose of the plan is to provide the facilities, programs and services required to support Army readiness, sustain the all-volunteer force and provide the infrastructure for current and future mission requirements.

"It centers around the fact that IMCOM is the Army's home," said Col. James Drago, garrison commander, USAG Benelux. "We have all been operating under our own strategic plans but now we'll nest them with the new commanding general's guidance and vision for making the Army's home stronger."

USAG Benelux's current strategic plan focuses on five goals, which align with IMCOM's new plan:

1. Develop and retain the best leaders and most professional workforce to accomplish Army goals and objectives.

2. Optimize resources and employ innovative means to provide premier facilities and quality services.

3. Be a streamlined, agile organization that is customer-focused and results-driven in support of current and future missions.

4. Build and sustain a state of the art infrastructure to support readiness and mission execution and enhance well being of the military community.

5. Cultivate expanded durable relationships with U.S., NATO and HN communities. Deliver superior mission support to all organizations.

"If you look at goal one - develop and retain the best leaders and most professional workforce - well, that's basically Leader and Workforce Development. If you look at optimize resources and employ innovative means to provide premier facilities, that's Installation Readiness," said Drago.

Although the lines of effort of Safety and Energy Efficiency and Security are not explicitly mentioned in the Benelux strategic plan, Drago said those are weaved into the other goals and already achieved Benelux-wide.

"Within each of the six lines of effort, there are a number of keys to success," said Drago.

Now, the garrison will measure those keys to success by working to accomplish the objectives within each line of effort.

"It will give it the level of specificity that we need so that we can measure our performance and also to make sure that we don't have, as Lt. Gen. Lynch would say, 'a bunch of random activity,'" said Drago. "The whole reason this exists is to support the service members and the families and the workforce."


Soldiers, civilians and contractors have used ChiAfA..vres Garrison's new Alliance Home Station Training Area to prepare for five deployments.

By being named a U.S. Army Community of Excellence, USAG Schinnen demonstrates its commitment to quality of life.

USAG Benelux encourages employees to advance their careers by offering a range of developmental programs.

USAG Brussels solidified its readiness this spring by completing a hazardous material exercise with host nation first responders.

USAG Benelux is harnessing new technology to reach personnel and families in an emergency.

All USAG Benelux garrisons exceed recycling requirements mandated by an executive order and DoD.

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