Polish KFOR Soldiers show quick reaction skills during validation exercise
A Soldier with the Polish contingent of Multinational Battle Group East pulls security as other Soldiers dismount from helicopters during a Quick Reaction Force exercise at Novo Brdo, Kosovo, on April 21.

NOVO BRDO, Kosovo -Polish KFOR Soldiers of Multinational Battle Group East (MNBG E) got their first chance April 21 to validate KFOR's ability to react quickly and decisively anywhere in Kosovo.
The MNBG E Quick Reaction Force (QRF), comprising Polish Soldiers of Battle Group East, was alerted for response to a simulated vehicle rollover near Novo Brdo, which included one injured Soldier. The QRF deployed from Camp Bondsteel, arrived at the scene, set up security and administered aid to the injured Soldier.
"This exercise was established to validate communication and the QRF's ability to react anyplace, anytime within the MNBG E area of operations," said Maj. Shayne Simon, Alexandria, Minn., who coordinated the exercise.
The QRF platoon, equipped with crowd and riot control gear, established a 360 degree perimeter while a medic assessed the injured Soldier. It was determined that the Soldier needed to be evacuated for additional medical treatment. Because air assets were grounded at the time, the QRF platoon called a ground ambulance to evacuate the injured Soldier back to Camp Bondsteel. This demonstrated the flexibility of the QRF mission to evacuate injured personnel by ground or air.
Earlier in the day, the QRF platoon reacted in a simulated downed aircraft scenario. The purpose was to mobilize from the aviation tactical operations center, move to the incident site via UH 60 Blackhawk helicopter, establish a perimeter, make assessments on the personnel and the downed helicopter, and establish communication with the MNBG E tactical operations center.
The combination of the ground and air exercises show the ability of MNBG E and KFOR to respond throughout their area of operations to maintain a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for people in Kosovo.
"QRF exercises, such as those that took place today, unmistakably demonstrate that KFOR will respond anytime and anywhere needed," said Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann, MNBG E's commander.

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