FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Fort Bragg has seven new hybrid-electric shuttle buses that are helping members of the Fort Bragg community get around the installation a little easier. Soon, the old b uses will no longer be in use, as Fort Bragg moves forward in the effort to go green.

The buses run off of the electricity they store in their on-board batteries and B-20 biodiesel fuel. The biodiesel fuel is biodegradable and is safer to transport and handle than traditional gasoline and diesel fuels.

The new shuttle buses provide better gas mileage than the old buses, offering an average of seven additional miles per gallon.

These new additions to the fleet are part of the installations latest effort to become more energy efficient for a sustainable Fort Bragg.

According to Tim Shea, chief, installation transportation, Directorate of Logistics, the buses not only save energy, they also save Fort Bragg money.

Riding the shuttle bus is free and is a smart choice when commuting around Fort Bragg for lunch and meetings. Riding the bus helps reduce traffic, conserves energy and gives the rider a chance to catch up on reading, phone conversations or just relax while someone else worries about the driving.

The bus also connects with the FAST city bus, route 40, at the Butner Road access controp point at shuttle bus stop 11. Route 40 goes to Fayetteville and Spring Lake.

There are numerous stops throughout the 82nd Airborne Division area, as well as stops at locations like the mini mall, Moon Hall, Womack Army Medical Center, Sports USA and the Soldier Support Center.

Currently, route, schedule and stops remain the same as the garrison works together to determine the needs of Soldiers and their Families.

For a complete bus schedule and list of stops, visit the Fort Bragg website at and click "Shuttle Bus Schedule" on the right menu bar.

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