ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - The Powertrain Transmission Facility groundbreaking held at Anniston Army Depot on April 22 signaled the beginning of a project to modernize and consolidate the installation's transmission program.

"Right now, we are dispersed throughout the entire Nichols Industrial Complex," said Keith Smith, process optimization manager for the reciprocating engine value stream. "This new building will allow all the transmission work to be done under one roof."

This consolidation will enable a more efficient process flow from transmission disassembly through the cleaning process to reassembly.

The $46 million facility is expected to be complete in two years and will support transmission production for the M1 Abrams family of vehicles as well as the M60 Bridge Launcher, Paladin, Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicle, M113 family, M9 Armored Combat Earthmover and Stryker.

"This is a very important groundbreaking for Anniston Army Depot as we take another step forward," said Col. S. B. Keller, depot commander.

Keller said the facility would be yet another tool for providing quality products to the warfighters through its state-of-the-art technology.

The facility is being constructed beside the Powertrain Flexible Maintenance Facility, which was completed in 2009, and the building will incorporate state-of-the-art technology into an open floor plan designed to adjust to the needs and future missions of the workforce.

"It will be a dramatic change for the employees as far as the environment. They are currently working in a converted 1950s-era warehouse," said Warren Turner, process optimization manager for the turbine engine value stream. "This new facility is like night and day compared to their current location."

The new Powertrain Transmission Facility will have better lighting than the current transmission shops and will be climate-controlled. These environmental changes will improve the comfort of the workforce and the quality of the transmissions produced.

"Our customers should get a better product. That's our ultimate goal in building this facility," said Turner.

The facility's contractor is Walbridge Aldinger of Michigan and the project will be overseen by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Col. Byron Jorns, Mobile District commander for the Army Corps of Engineers said he and his employees understand the consequences any delay in completion could mean for the warfighters.

"It's not lost on us that any interruption of work on our part affects our Soldiers down range," said Jorns.

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