We have recently surpassed the 200-day mark of this
deployment, an event marked by a BBQ attended by
members of the Liaison and Monitoring Teams (LMT),
which included Soldiers from five nations and seven states.
As I attended this celebration I took time to think about what
we have accomplished here so far.
We have eight L.M.T. that cover 11 municipalities. There
are 48 Sub Teams, covering in excess of 125 villages. We
have conducted just over
3,000 patrols.
The Soldiers of the LMT
meet with local people
ranging from municipal
mayors to primary school
teachers, municipal
assembly members to
the KeK representative,
small shopkeepers to the
owners of rock quarries
and cement factories. We
try to engage the local
populous to primarily
identify potential threats to a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement
and mitigate the events that could lead to such. However, as
we have had minimal SASE and FOM issues we have been
trying to facilitate a link between the Institutions in Kosovo,
Non Governmental Organizations and the local populous to
address issues perceived by the people in Kosovo.
In addition, several teams have been teaching English in
the local schools. Lately we have also incorporated student
teachers from Pristina into these classes to serve as the
continuity of effort if KFOR 13 chooses not to continue the
program. We also have several firefighters from N.D. who
have been working with the local fire departments to conduct
training and try and fix some of their equipment. Several of
our traditional mechanics have also pitched in with regard to
the latter. We have Soldiers working with a local wrestling
team as volunteer coaches.
The diversity of the LMT Soldiers has facilitated success
during this deployment. Coupled with the multinational
make up of the teams, we have a great dynamic for gaining
and maintaining rapport and have established many fruitful
It has been a true pleasure and honor for me to serve as the
LMT Commander for the past two years. The Soldiers of the
LMT are dedicated, mission-focused and true professionals.
The goal of our team has been to leave Kosovo in a better
state than when we arrived, to this point I believe we are on

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