Warriors post near record times during 10km run
Javier Ortega, far right, smiles as he passes the finish line with his teammates Joshua Johnson, Carnell Thibodeaux, Yunni Ruiz, and Hongadermt Tchamitoki during a 10k race April 10.

CASEY GARRISON South Korea - Warriors and Families ran hard from start to finish during a 10km race that took place at the Casey Hanson Field House April 10.

The race consisted of two divisions, male and female. The run was a team event and the time of each group depended on the time the last person of each group finished. Awards were given to the groups that placed 1 through 3 in both the male and female divisions.

The event began at the Hanson Field House where each group had to run to Camp Hovey and back.

Joshua Johnson, Javier Ortega, Yonni Ruiz, Carnell Thibodeaux and Hongadermt Tchamitoki, members of A Co., 302nd Brigade Support Battalion, finished 1 with an impressive time of 41:08.
"I felt great today," Ortega said. "I've been training hard and running every day, so I was well prepared for this run."

"We were all trying to keep up with Ortega," Ruiz said. "He ran great today and he was ahead of the pack during the whole race. He kept us all motivated and we ended up finishing with a great time."

"We were all very dedicated during this run," Ortega said. "We stayed by each other during the whole race, and when one person started to slow down we stayed with him and encouraged him to give it his best, and that's just what everyone did."

"I think everyone did a tremendous job in the run," Ortega said. "Everyone finished the race, which was a great thing. To get up early on Saturday morning and run a 10km race is impressive in itself and I think everybody did an amazing job by being so motivated."

In the women's division A Co., 302nd Brigade Support Battalion, finished 1 again with a time of 1:15:26. There group consisted of Monica Arriaga, Victoria Allen, Priscilla Brown, Bianca Guyton and Marjorie Thompson.

"Our company encouraged us to come out here today if we were having trouble with physical training," Guyton said. "I feel accomplished we were able to finish 1 because some thought we were going to be too tired to go the distance, but we were very motivated and gave it our all from start to finish. During the run I was tired, but I kept pushing myself and telling myself to finish, and then I saw people turning around to the finish line and I knew we were almost done and that was a great feeling."

"My team did a great job," Guyton said. "We were surprised that we had so much fun because none of us like to run that much, but it turned out to be a great experience."

Julie Young, Katie Corby, Lauren Kenz and Amber Lemarr placed 2 in the women's division with a time of 57:19, but were disqualified from 1 because they had a male, Neil Fotre, running with them.

Hong Jong-yong, Kim Byung-kyu, Hwang Seo-weon, Hong Gun-eui and Sammuel Hardy with 1st Battalion, 72nd Armor Regiment, finished 2 in the men's division with a time of 45:09.

Andrew Mullen, Fernando Castillo, Ambrose Ndururi, Michael Wokaty and Shea Grossman who finished 3 in the men's division with a time of 46:26.

Awards were given by 1st Sgt. Keith Gasaway, 1st Sgt. HHC, 1st Battalion, 72nd Armor Regiment, who said that all the participants were very motivated and really excelled during the event.

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