FORT HOOD, Texas-Soldiers of the 41st Fires Brigade hosted a volunteer recognition ceremony at the Fort Hood's Club Hood, April 16.

The ceremony was held to honor and thank the many distinguished volunteers who sacrificed their time and skills to support the brigade.

Col. John Thomson, 41st Fires Bde. commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Kelvin Hughes, the brigade's command sergeant major, along with their wives, presented volunteers with awards and thanked them for their service.

"We could not have accomplished our mission without the unyielding commitment and profound strength of our spouses, our families, and several patriotic and generous partners in the Central Texas Community," said Thomson while looking around the room. "All of you willingly gave your time and energy because you truly care, and we are forever indebted to you for your unconditional love and genuine compassion."

The honored volunteers said they were extremely humbled at receiving such recognition and enjoy helping the Soldiers. Mrs. Jeanne Isdale, an honored supporter, said that she doesn't volunteer for the recognition.

"I do not feel like I've done much to deserve this," said Isdale. "I do this to support and to thank for all of the sacrifice made by Soldiers and their families."

Mrs. Erika Perez, an honored volunteer and a family readiness group leader, agreed and said she volunteers her time because she loves to help out families.

"It feels wonderful to help out families and provide guidance to those who need it," said Perez. "I understand the workings of the military and like to help families find the resources available."

The volunteers recognized have played various roles and helped out in many different ways throughout the year.

"My job is easy compared to theirs, they are amazing," said Jessica Stocker, a Family Readiness Support Assistant. "They take care of family issues and are the voice of care and concern. I don't think we can ever thank them enough."

"As FRG leader, I organize monthly meetings, fundraisers, listen to spouses needs, and provide resources to families," said Perez. "Mostly, I just listen when they want to talk.

"I have adopted Fort Hood," said Isdale. "I have a table during the AUSA meetings and I entertain a lot at my house. I have groups over for dinner and take different ones out for dinners or lunch. I cannot do enough."

The volunteers at the 41st Fires have special memories that make them smile and keep them volunteering.

"I make military bears that I give to Soldiers before they deploy," said Isdale with a smile. "I love when I get pictures back of the bears on duty in different places. It touches my heart and makes me smile."

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