FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- Whether it\'s an economic choice, an outlet for "getting out of the house," or a chance to be employed alongside their significant other, today's military spouse works.

On September 11, 2009, Executive Order 13473, titled, "Noncompetitive Appointing Authority for Certain Military Spouses" was put into action.

The executive order "establishes a hiring authority that permits a noncompetitive appointment to permanent, term or temporary positions for certain military spouses into the competitive service."

The only caveat is that it applies to military spouses who have experienced a Permanent Change of Station on their spouse's orders on or after September 11, 2009. Anyone who may have arrived to Fort Huachuca before that time is not eligible for spouse preference, explains Schenando Nason, [job title] in Fort Huachuca's Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

There are two avenues for spouses who do not fall under the executive order to search for jobs. They are the Civilian Personnel Online,, and USA jobs, Nason notes that if spouses choose to look for a government job through a different Web site to be careful because some sites charge a monetary fee.

"You should never be charged for a federal Web site," she explains.

Nason says the first place to start is CPOL and Resumix. The Resumix Web site, which helps an individual build a resume, can be accessed by going to the CPOL Web site. Click on "employment," and select the "Build a resume/View status" option on the left side of the page.

Nason says when she receives a call from a spouse who is PCSing to Fort Huachuca she instructs them to go to the CPOL Web site and make sure their resume is uploaded and active.

She suggests spouses use the "self nomination" option because those who have no military preference, except for the executive order, must self-nominate.

There's a supplemental data sheet within Resumix that lists the eligibility requirements and the executive order has been added to that sheet. Nason encourages spouses to make sure their resume is all inclusive of their experience and as specific as possible.

"Don't just put 'customer service' on your resume because that really doesn't tell anyone anything," Nason notes.

"Make sure you put down if you answered phones, did filing, or filled out timecards; put every little thing down. That is how you qualify for jobs."

"Army Community Services offers classes for those looking for assistance with submitting or [filling out] their resume on Resumix," explains Charlotte Dombrowski, [job title], in the CPAC office.

Classes, which are provided at no cost, are the first Thursday of each month and those wishing to participate in a class must call to make a reservation, 533-2330.

Spouses who are already working in civil service when their spouse relocates are eligible for the priority placement program. Another option available for a spouse who is looking for a temporary, summer job (30-90 days) is through Fort Huachuca's summer hire program.

Applicants must be more than 16 years old, and enrolled in school, whether it is high school or an accredited college.

Summer hire job announcements are located in the CPAC office, Building 22320. Nason says anyone with questions or wishing to obtain more information is welcome to call the CPAC personnel.

She can be reached by calling 533-5533, and Dombrowski can be reached by calling 533-5273.

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