<b>FORT STEWART, Ga. </b>- The 188th Infantry Brigade executive officer, Maj. Dominic V. Stewart, has inspired two of his three children to enter Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and Reserve Officer Training Corps programs and aspire toward a career in the United States Army.

The tradition of military service for the Stewart Family started with Maj. Stewart's generation, with both his service and that of his two older brothers.

Major Dominic, unlike his brothers, decided to take the ROTC route through Alabama A & M University to a commission in the U.S. Army. Through his example, his daughter, Dominique, currently a sophomore attending University of Alabama, Birmingham, received an ROTC scholarship and is working toward a degree in nursing. She also participated in JROTC for two years during high school. His son, Kyle, is a freshman at Liberty County High School, and is completing his first year in JROTC.

Dominique said she has learned a lot from the ROTC program and from growing up in a military Family.

"At the beginning, I was against joining the military, but as I look back from my second year in college, I see that my experiences are different from other students that don't have a military background," said Dominique. "I feel that I am more open to people from different cultures and different places than many of my classmates."

She feels that being open makes you a better person and wants that for her Family as well. She looks forward to the challenges and experiences she will have as a nurse in the military and aspires to making the military her career.

Her brother said that JROTC gives him a lot to think about, and he feels that it opens up many opportunities for him. This year he has been in parades and drill competitions, and his platoon went to the state drill competition. He also said that being a part of a military Family has broadened his horizons and given him a chance to go different places than some of his friends and meet people of different cultures.

"I feel that in being a part of JROTC I have a chance to represent and honor my father," Kyle said about his decision to participate in JROTC.

The 188th Infantry Brigade, along with the other training support brigades in First Army Division East, provides and facilitates theater-focused training for deploying National Guard and Reserve formations. Based out of Fort Stewart, the 188th has been training deploying National Guard and Reserve units for Iraq deployments continuously since 2003.

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