FORT SILL, Okla.--Many Soldiers and civilians at Fort Sill have used the Interactive Customer Evaluation system, whether by filling out comment cards, using a kiosk, filling out a survey online or submitting an e-mail.

No matter how the ICE comments are submitted, they are making a difference.

"Since the beginning of January we have received more than 7,000 ICE comments," said Mary Miller, customer service manager. "From March 2 through 17 we received 2,002 comments and in February we received more than any other post in the country."

There has been a huge increase in the amount of people who are getting their voices heard. In 2008, only 1,430 ICE comments were received at Fort Sill.

"Last year we got 13,000," said Miller. "It just blows my mind how many people are using ICE as a way to get their suggestions and comments out there.

"People are starting to realize we need good comments as well as bad comments. Everyone knows when you have a bad experience you want to put in an ICE comment about it. But if something good happens, give them an ICE comment, too. Col. Lacey [garrison commander at Fort Sill] sees every ICE comment on Fridays. He is reading what people are saying about customer service on post. He is acknowledging the good and the bad."

ICE comment cards are located in a multitude of places on post. Building 4700 has cards located on every floor except the fifth floor. The education center, Impact Zone and bowling alley have them as well as many other buildings on post. Several locations also have an electronic kiosk to post comments. Twin Oaks Bowling Center, Building 4700, the Lawton airport and the library have them, although they are not the more popular choice when submitting a comment.

Comments can also be placed in the system on the Web site E-mail Mary Miller directly at will also ensure your ICE comment gets placed in the system.

"Neither I nor Col. Lacey get to see comments from Reynolds Army Community Hospital, Dental Activity Command, AAFES, DECCA or the vet clinic as they have their own ICE manager," explained Miller. "On the garrison side, we have 72 hours to respond. Every week I do a report for Col. Lacey about who didn't meet the requirement and who did."

Submitting ICE comments is beneficial to both the submitter and the person or service being commented on. People and services receiving positive comments can possibly be rewarded for their service. Negative comments give the post something to work toward to make Fort Sill better for everyone.

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