Anniston Army Depot launches environmental program on Earth Day
The administrative building for the Anniston Army Depot's new recycling center, pictured here, is being built to standards used in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification system. Engineer Alex Khamis said the project team is aiming for the 3,300-square-foot facility to achieve the LEED Silver rating.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala - Fittingly, Anniston Army Depot's Directorate of Risk Management plans to launch the ANAD Environmental Awareness Program on Earth Day, April 22.

The program's agenda will be accomplished through depot-wide events, education opportunities and publicity through media like TRACKS and The Morning Show.

The program's slogan - Help us reduce our tracks and create a green depot - emphasizes the need for ANAD to minimize its carbon footprint through a more environmentally conscience way of life. DRK plans to accomplish this through education, namely by making environmental conservation information and facts more readily available.

Be on the lookout for posters focusing on environmental concerns, conservation and common issues surrounding the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Environmental Management System. The depot's Local Area Network will also be used to publicize environmental topics.

Information about the program is to be made available on the Intranet's new Share Point portal linked to DRK's site. It will contain facts about recycling - how to reduce waste in the workplace, daily and seasonal recycling tips, an events calendar to keep you up to date and reports on the depot's progress in recycling, conservation and pollution prevention.

On the Share Point portal, people will also be able to submit suggestions about how their work area can reduce pollution.

DRK, along with other organizations like Directorate of Community and Family Activities' Morale, Welfare and Recreation, will be organizing awareness events to give everyone on depot the chance to get involved and make a difference.

A number of community outreach projects are being planned and people should also be on the lookout for woodworking competitions, a recycle fashion show and other great events that will be tons of fun and help set us up to make a positive impact on the environment.

<b>Recycle, compete for prize</b>

The first awareness event scheduled is a depot-wide recycle drive that kicks off April 22 (Earth Day) and concludes Nov. 15 (America Recycles Day). For this preliminary event, all cost centers will be competing against each other. The winner will be decided in terms of per capita. The cost center that brings in the most recyclable goods based on the number of people in their cost center will be the winner.

To participate: Bring in recyclable goods from home, such as plastics, paper, aluminum, glass and cardboard. Each cost center should store these recyclable goods in separate bags at a central location in your cost center. When you get an amount large enough that you need it removed, call Ext. 6838 and a member of MWR's green team will come and pick up your donation.

Make sure that you label your bags clearly with your cost center and the number of people who work in your cost center.

Winners to be recognized: The cost center with the heaviest amount of recyclables turned in per capita will be presented an award on Employee Appreciation Day in October.

For more information about ANAD's Environmental Awareness Program, please call Ext. 5432.

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