Auto Skills Center helps Families
Rob "Lupo" Wagner, right, guides his son Pfc. Atley Wagner, left, to help determine an issue on his vehicle at the Auto Skills Center. The Center also serves as a hobby shop for those living on the range.

WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M., April 1, 2010 - The Auto Skills Center here is offering to help military spouses, whose loved ones have or will deploy, stay safe by caring for and maintaining their vehicles.

Phillip Greene, manager of the Auto Skills Center, said he is offering discounts on vehicle services and even a course to teach customers about car maintenance.

"Once the military members deploy I want the (Families) concern not to be about mode of transportation," Greene said.

The center will offer two courses for spouses that will teach both proper car maintenance and what tests to conduct on vehicles to ensure safety. The Car Care class, which is offered once a month on the third week of the month, teaches drivers about basic car maintenance issues and what needs to be done to resolve them. A do-it-yourself course will be offered every other Thursday from 4-5 p.m. In that class drivers can learn about car maintenance procedures like checking tire pressure and fluids through a hands-on experience using their own vehicles.

"I want them to have that peace of mind; to learn the basics about their car and get familiar with the lingo," Greene said.

He said course dates and discounts offered will be advertised in the newspaper, on the MWR website, and in the marquee near the gas station.

"My main concern is getting the word out to the spouses that we're here for them," Greene said. "We do everything, from your basic to medium level of (car) maintenance."

Andrea Cunningham, a military spouse, said she likes the idea of car maintenance courses and feels there should be more courses to keep military spouses active on range.

"I think that's a great idea. I'm sitting here trying to keep myself busy; I'm interested in cars!" Cunningham said.

Aside from the courses, Greene said a different discount will be offered every month and coupons for maintenance services will be available in the newspaper. However, if spouses are simply in need of a shop to be able to put their inherited skills to use, Greene reminds the community that the center is a 2-pronged organization also used as a hobby shop for people to come in and work on their vehicle in order to avoid high fees.

"We want the spouses to know that (The Auto Skills Center) is only a phone call away," Greene said.

Military spouses can take advantage of additional complimentary services at the center by obtaining an "Awaiting R Card" at Army Community Services. The "Awaiting R Card" is a discount card program offered to the families of deployed Soldiers. The card offers 3 free services at the center; tire rotations with regular oil change, vacuum with a car wash purchase, and safety checks.

The center also offers services like oil changes, tune-ups and front end alignments for a minimal fee.

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