This year marks the 90th anniversary for Fort Monmouth, N.J. The Army established Fort Monmouth, then known as Camp Little Silver, as a training camp for signal troops in June 1917. The installation received permanent status and the name Fort Monmouth in August 1925. Over the years, this historic site has been the birthplace of technologies that have revolutionized the way the Army fights to include the first extended range voice radios put into military production, the first U.S. aircraft detection radar, the world's first weather radar, solar cells for satellites, and the first Large Scale Mobile Digital Computer, among many other things! Today Fort Monmouth supports the GWOT through sophisticated Command and Control systems like Blue Force Tracking and protects troops from enemy mortar and explosives with the Light Weight Counter Mortar Radar and Counter IED technologies. Celebrate Fort Monmouth's 90th anniversary at

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