FORT BRAGG, N.C. - The Sustainable Fort Bragg Green Directorate Program has issued a challenge for all directorates and installation agencies to go green.

The GreenDP program was created through the teaming of Sustainable Fort Bragg and Sustainable Sandhills, said Melinda Harrington, sustainable materials planner, Directorate of Public Works.
To go green, a directorate must conserve energy and minimize impact on the environment, Harrington said.

Some of the ways to accomplish this is by promoting recycling, becoming energy and water efficient and by improving indoor and outdoor air quality.

So far, four directorates have signed up to go green and, on March 1, received green certification from the GreenDP program.

The green directorates are the headquarters of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, Plans, Training and Mobilization; as well as the eighth floor of the Directorate of Logistics at the Soldier Support Center and the Installation Safety Office.

The green distinction could be given to offices, and is not exclusive to only whole directorates, said sustainability coordinator Katie Gard.

Going green is easily achieved once goals have been set, Gard said. It is about "achieving a mindset."

Directorates who attain green certification will receive a certificate to market their achievement and an electronic version of the logo to use in promotional materials, as well as recognition in the Sustainable Fort Bragg Web site, the quarterly newsletter and media releases when applicable.

Initial certification is valid for one year. Subsequent certifications are valid for two years.
Fort Bragg employees do not personally receive electric bills for their usage, but daily actions can have a cumulative effect on cost incurred by the installation, Harrington said.

Also, with budget cuts for this fiscal year, any effort to save money could potentially help secure someone's job or help Fort Bragg to meet its mission of taking care of Soldiers and Families.
Actions such as turning off computer monitors when not in use; turning off water when it isn't being used; buying compostable, recycled products for use across the installation; sharing rides to meetings and lunches; and unplugging radios, cell phone chargers and appliances when not being used are all steps toward going green.

On the eighth floor of DOL, various changes were instituted among the more than 30 employees, according to Steven Alderson, DOL program specialist.

Alderson said workers converted from buying styrofoam cups to recycled fiber products for drinking and eating, for instance.

Bike racks were installed to accommodate people who ride their bicycles to work, which saves on automobile emissions.

Additionally, light sensors were put in place to reduce energy usage.

Obtaining green-certification was a goal of the directorate, said Alderson, who encourages other directorates to follow suit.

"Only one organization can do so much, but with everyone doing it, we will have a bigger outcome," Alderson said. "It would be beneficial to the installation if every organization does it."
For more information about participating in the GreenDP program, contact Sustainable Fort Bragg at 396-3341.

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