When the decision was made to combine the Armor and Infantry schools in 2005 most people thought it was a good idea to form the Maneuver Center of Excellence. Now Army official have decided that while the concept is good, the name is not.

"We don't like the word 'maneuver,'" said a top Army general. "It doesn't really say what we're trying accomplish with the collocation. And quite frankly, no one can spell it."

Several virtual teleconferences were held to discuss new names, with ideas coming from forts Knox and Benning. However, no one could agree on a new name so a Web site was established last fall for the American public to submit ideas.

"When www.namebenning.com was launched in October we got lots of suggestions," said Fort Benning Public Affairs Officer Bob Purtiman. "Then the problem became which one do we choose."

Purtiman said the problem was solved in a traditional way, they let the general decide. The new name is effective immediately, and a new shoulder patch already being designed. As of April 1 Fort Benning will now be known as the Joint Operations Knowledge Empire.

"The name really reflects Fort Benning's role in the Army," Purtiman said. "The JoKE will be responsible for training more than half of the Army's new recruits."

Editor's Note - This is really just an April Fool's Day JoKE.

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