Family Members find ways to relieve stress
Jillian Rogers and Holly Harrison-Burchett, members of the Pear Blossom cottage, calm down baby Gabriel Rogers during a stress management class March 16.

RED CLOUD GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Military spouses and Family members gathered in the Red Cloud Garrison Pear Blossom Cottage March 24 for a stress management class.

The meeting was sponsored by the Child and Youth Behavioral Military and Family Life Consultants to talk about symptoms of stress and find ways to eliminate stress Family members and military spouses experience.

"The meeting helped me notice the symptoms of stress," said Hercy Oros. "Learning new ways to relieve stress is essential to ensuring a happy home for a Soldier and their Family."

Having a headache, an irritable stomach, or trouble sleeping can be symptoms of stress buildup.

Some solutions for stress could be as easy as taking a breath before you react. The consultant explained to Family members as you breathe your body becomes less tense, relieving stress at the moment.

"Breathing before you react to something could prevent you from saying something or doing something you will regret in the future," Oros said.

Another solution is managing your work or a "to do list" so you are not overwhelmed, which causes stress, the consultant said. Also, planning a day for yourself to do what you enjoy or relaxing for a day during the week could be keys in balancing out stress levels.

Stress has the capability to hinder Families from being as content as they want to be. Providing the proper techniques and methods to avoid an overwhelming amount of stress can ensure Families are more content in their everyday life.

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