U.S. Army Africa NCOs share ideas in Botswana
Sgt. 1st Class Gerardo Navarro and Sgt. 1st Class Samuel Boyd, two senior U.S. Army Africa noncommissioned officers congratulate an NCO from Botswana Defense Force following a seminar in Gaborone that focused on NCO roles in staff operations.

VICENZA, Italy - Two U.S. Army Africa noncommissioned officers discussed enlisted support to staff operations during a recent familiarization seminar with counterparts from the Botswana Defense Force.

Sgt. 1st Class Gerardo Navarro and Sgt. 1st Class Samuel Boyd, two senior NCOs with experience in supporting staff operations explained NCO roles and outlined what Soldiers learn at the U.S. Army NCO Battle Staff Course. The weeklong event, which wrapped up March 12, was coordinated through the U.S. Embassy in Gaborone.

"We offered our course overview for 19 sergeants and warrant officers from Botswana," Navarro said. "They would like to implement an NCO staff development course of their own."

The seminar began with U.S. and BDF NCOs sharing information about their current jobs, previous assignments and their personal lives.

"Peers must share such things to build stronger relationships," Boyd said. "Being more familiar with each other led to better discussions during the week."

After an overview of battle staff and NCO development within the U.S. Army, Navarro and Boyd described NCO responsibilities in a field headquarters and NCO contributions to military planning. Other discussions focused on NCOs writing military orders, support documents and briefing material.

After the seminar, the U.S. Army Africa NCOs were optimistic about BDF NCOs improving their ability to support staff functions.

"The NCOs from Botswana were eager to familiarize themselves with as much information as possible," Navarro said. "It was very enriching to hear group discussion that took place."

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