Ironman Bowling rolls in Casey Lanes
Two Soldiers bowl each other in Casey Lanes Ironman Bowling event March 6. The event was sponsored by Casey Lanes of Area I FMWR and dreamed up by Casey Lanes Manager Gearld Keener. "Ironman Bowling is an event where the object of the game is not to lose, and not necessarily to win. You have to be able to survive. It is a survival tournament. "If you are playing against somebody you are sure you cannot beat, then you can dodge them; you can dodge up to two bowlers. Then you will have to bowl against your own score minus 10 pins," Keener said. "Let us say a 140 bowler goes against a 220 bowler scratch (meaning no handicap) there is 80 pins difference, the bowler with the lower average decides not to bowl that person but to bowl their own score. If they bowl a 120, they have to bowl a 110 or better to get the win. The other opponet goes on to beat someone else. Every other game it switches to handicap; in that case the switch bowler has the same option; do they want to bowl their handicap bowler or do they want to bowl against their own score? At the end of the day, which will be eight or nine games, we will have a winner." Thirteen of the best bowlers from the Red Cloud and Casey enclaves participated and bowled on six lanes. "If you are not rolling the ironman, you are not a bowler," Keener said.

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