WRC takes Manchu 2-0 in Volleyball tourney
A member from the Warrior Replacement Center volleyball team (left) attempts to block the ball from an opponent on the 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment Manchu team during the President's Day Volleyball Tournament Feb. 16 at the Camp Stanley Physical Fitness Center.

CAMP STANLEY - Members from the Warrior Replacement Center team defeated the 2nd Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division Manchu team 2-0 in a single set best of three matches in Warrior Country's President's Day Volleyball Tournament Feb. 16 in Camp Stanley Physical Fitness Center.

The tournament featured 9 different teams combining Civilians, Family Members, and service members from both the Army and the Air Force.

Coming into the game undefeated, the WRC team won the coin toss and elected to serve the ball first to begin the championship match.

Although the 2-9 team tried for a comeback late into the initial match, the Manchu's lost to the WRC team 25-22.

The WRC team showed no signs of giving the Manchus a break from their spirited play and they received more than half of their points in their first game from kills, a sudden offensive action resulting in a point or side out.

"We really didn't set our minds by saying 'hey we have to win this,' we were just here to have fun and we tried to bring up everyone's spirit with a motivational clap," said Charles Taupau, left forward for the WRC team.

"In the end it wouldn't have mattered to us because we didn't come here to win, just to have fun, that's what was important to us."

In their attempt to keep the game close, the Manchus focused more on the mechanics by making cleaner passes from the left, center, and right back positions for the setter.

WRC continued their relaxed and motivated mindset of the game responding to every spike with a dig, passing a spiked or rapidly hit ball, or on a few occasions, the WRC team blocked the excellently coordinated spikes from the Manchus.

"We played a few tournaments in Daegu last year," Taupau said when asked how the team came to be so strong given every player, including the substitute players on the bench, were able to contribute something to the championship match.

As the Manchus were behind four points in the second game 23-19, a group of Soldiers sitting in the bleachers at the Camp Stanley PFC began to talk amongst themselves about what would happen if the Manchus were able to tie the game and upset the WRC team.

In the event of overtime, a one point sudden death will be played to determine the winner.
Despite the murmurs of the possibilities of going into overtime and the three points the Manchus received from kills, the Manchus fell short to the WRC team stayed calm and took down the Manchus 25-22.

"I really appreciate all of you and hope you had a good time, it was worth while doing this tournament during the four day weekend," said Maj. Brenda Suggars, 304th Signal Battalion Executive Officer who presented the trophy and medal to the WRC team.

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