WASHINGTON (Army News Service, June 8, 2007) - A temporary change to Army uniform policy now allows active-duty Soldiers to retain the Army Combat Uniforms they were issued prior to deployment into combat zones.

Legislation is presently on Capitol Hill for consideration by Congress which would allow the interim change to become permanent. A final decision is expected by the end of September.

According to Col. Rebecca Samson, chief, Troop Support Division, Army G-4: "Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment is the property of the Army, not the individual Soldier, so the Army cannot give OCIE-issued ACUs to Soldiers because it's prohibited without proper authority.

"If Congress approves the proposed legislation, then deploying Soldiers can retain OCIE-issued ACUs worn in combat," she added. "The benefit is that Soldiers won't have to go through the turn-in procedures of OCIE-issued ACUs they wore in the combat environment."

Active Army Soldiers may retain their ACUs issued through OCIE guidance as listed on their OCIE clothing record until permanent change of station, expiration of term of service or retirement, whichever occurs first.

Redeploying Soldiers from all components who will end their term of service must turn in ACUs - including coats, trousers and the infrared flag, regardless of condition - to their home station, or demobilization clothing issue points.

Reserve and National Guard Soldiers are allowed to retain ACUs issued as OCIE when the mobilization stations perform a lateral transfer to their unit's property book officer.

Clothing records of individual Soldiers from all components deploying through the continental United States replacement centers will be maintained by the center's PBO until they can be transferred. Upon redeployment through the centers, Soldiers will be allowed to retain one set of ACUs for up to 120 days for ceremonial purposes, then they must be returned to the clothing issue points or sent to the Soldiers' property book officers.

Questions on OCIE-issued ACUs may be addressed to Shirley Bryant-Harper at (703) 614-0956, e-mail: Shirley.bryant-harper@hqda.army.mil, or Col. Rebecca Samson at (703) 693-9957, e-mail: Rebecca.samson@hqda.army.mil.

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