<B><U>ACCP Modernization</U></B>
The Training and Doctrine Command announces that starting March 3 curriculum for the Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) will begin migrating from the Interim Learning Management System (ILMS) to the Army Learning Management System (ALMS). This migration is the latest phase of the modernization of the ACCP, enhancing test security and improving customer support for all of its on-line material.

<B><U>Increased security</U></B>
The enhanced security features begin as a student opens a course from the ALMS. Each student enters their AKO username and password to access course material and uses their Common Access Card (CAC) and PIN to access the exams. Students must progress through all course material before accessing the exam. Access to the exam is allowed 24 hours after enrolling in a course, ensuring that students have had an opportunity to study and understand the content. Each exam is now timed and the first failed attempt will require a 24-hour waiting period before retaking the exam. A second failed attempt will require a 30-day waiting period before retaking the exam, allowing the student time to adequately review the course material.

<B><U>Location is transparent</U></B>
Students enrolling in Army Correspondence Courses through the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) process are directed to the <A HREF="https://www.lms.army.mil"> ALMS </A> without any further action from the student. Students enrolled in a course prior to its migration are allowed one year from their enrollment to complete the course. No extensions will be granted past that year.

All courses, subcourses, and exams should be migrated and hosted on the ALMS by July 2010. Students should contact the <A HREF="https://athd.army.mil"> Army Training Help Desk</A> if they experience difficulty with the content, have questions regarding their student records, or have concerns about exam security or the compromise of exam material.

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