Dr. Sara Rothman

Dr. Sara Rothman, Associate Science Director for Research Review at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has been named the recipient of the 2010 Roche Diagnostics Alice C. Evans Award. This award is given by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and will be presented at the ASM General Meeting, 23-27 May 2010 in San Diego. The Roche Diagnostics Alice C. Evans Award honors a member of ASM for major contributions toward the full participation and advancement of women in microbiology. This award was established by the ASM's Committee on the Status of Women in Microbiology, and is given in memory of Alice C. Evans, the first woman to be elected ASM President in 1928.

To be eligible for this award, the nominee can be any member of ASM who has made major contributions toward fostering the inclusion, development, and advancement of women in careers in microbiology. The nominee must demonstrate commitment to women in science through mentorship and advocacy and by setting an example through scientific and professional achievement.

Dr. Rothman joined the WRAIR in 1978 as Research Chemist in the Department of Biological Chemistry, Division of Biochemistry. Since then she has served as Research Chemist, Department of Molecular Pathology, Division of Pathology; Deputy Project Officer, Construction of the New Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; and Director, Office of Research Management. Dr. Rothman has a Ph.D in microbiology/biochemistry from Boston University (BU), an MA in microbiology from BU, and a BS in biology from Simmons College.

Dr. Rothman's interests are health science research administration and policy, including management of institute research portfolio; research integrity and responsible conduct of research; human subjects protection; quality assurance; physician credentialing; extramural contracts; laboratory design; the National Research Council Associateship program; bacterial toxinology, anaerobic bacteriology; immunology; and cell biology.

Dr. Rotham exemplifies the advancement of women in science and the merits required to receive the Roche Diagnostics Alice C. Evans Award. As stated by Rothman's colleague, Barbara H. Iglewski, Ph.D., Dr. Rothman has been enormously successful as a scientist and administrator, but it is her many roles as a volunteer in various professional organizations which has allowed her to work tirelessly to mentor woman in microbiology and to support woman scientists at all levels. She was a founding member of the Washington Chapter of the Association of Women in Science and was long involved as a member and latter as Chair of the Committee of the Status of Woman Microbiologists. She organized and convened numerous roundtables at ASM general meetings as well as spending countless hours counseling and advising individual and groups of woman on their careers. She has supported many senior microbiologists by nominating them for awards and leadership positions hence supporting their career advancement. I personally have benefited from her counseling and support of my own career and my election as President of ASM. She helped establish this very award as well as the Morrison Rogosa Award for you women working in Microbiology in Eastern Europe.

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