• Pfc. Ashli Rodgers


    Pfc. Ashli Rodgers

  • Drill Sgt. (Sgt.) Kevon Humphrey


    Drill Sgt. (Sgt.) Kevon Humphrey

FORT SILL, Okla. - Fort Sill and the Fires Center of Excellence are proud to announce the Soldier and noncommissioned officer of the quarter winners for the 1st quarter of 2010.

NCO of the quarter is Drill Sgt. (Sgt.) Kevon Humphrey from A Battery, 1st Battalion, 40th Field Artillery, 434th Field Artillery Brigade. Soldier of the quarter is Pfc. Ashli Rodgers, from Company A, 168th Brigade Support Battalion, 214th Fires Brigade.

Although she has been in the Army for only a year, Rodgers claims it is her aggressiveness and drive that helped award her the title of Soldier of the quarter.

"I am an automated logistical specialist," said Rodgers. "I am not sure where my nomination stems from, but there was a meeting about it and my name was the first to pop up. I think it was my PT test. I love running and singing cadences."

Rodgers attitude is sure to bring morale to any PT event.

"I joined the Army because I wanted a challenge," said Rodgers. "I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. I have never seen a black sergeant major of the Army. With the election of Barack Obama it made me realize that anything was possible. It motivated me to want to do that."

Rodgers lists her goals as becoming an NCO, finishing her bachelor's degree in secondary English education and to become sergeant major of the Army. She would eventually like to attend the Warrior Leadership Course, airborne school and drill sergeant school.

Humphrey, who has been in the Army for five years, was nominated for NCO of the quarter by his first sergeant.

"My nomination all came about when I was supposed to go to the promotion board," said Humphrey. "In order for me to get practice for the promotion board, I went to the brigade board. I ended up winning and got sent to the post board and won that. It all started by me trying to get practice for the promotion board."

The 29-year-old was going to school for mechanical engineering before joining the Army.
"I finished a lot of my credits before I joined the Army," said Humphrey. "I finished a couple of my classes and got my degree in engineering technology."

Humphrey admits that his short-term goal is to have a successful tour as a drill sergeant.
"Long term, I'm still up in the air," said Humphrey. "I have a lot of options. Being a drill sergeant consumes so much of your time; you kind of get tunnel vision. I am focusing on that for now.

When the time comes for me to no longer be a drill sergeant, I am going to have a lot of tough decisions to make."

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