<b>A Legacy of Partnership in Iraq </b>

<b>What is it' </b>

U.S. Forces continue to partner and assist their Iraqi army and police counterparts. The role and mindset of U.S. forces is changing as Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) has taken the lead in security. U.S. forces continue adapting to an advise and assist role as they transition to stability operations.

<b>What do U.S. forces need to do in Iraq' </b>

A partnership-training package consisting of a slide presentation and a 10 minute video is available to explain how our Soldiers should approach their mission in Iraq now that Iraqis are in the lead.

U.S. Forces in Iraq partner in all military occupational specialties, not just security. We are partnering in logistics, civil capacity, intelligence, medical, explosive ordnance disposal, engineering, etc. to increase the capabilities of the ISF. Instead of just teaching the ISF new skills, U.S. forces step aside to let the ISF execute these skills and teach each other how to maintain these capabilities.

Today's officers, NCOs and Soldiers fulfill front-line, nonstandard roles by negotiating with tribal leaders, training ISF, and assisting Provincial Reconstruction Teams as they build essential services for the Iraqi people. These Soldiers may be the only contact with Americans Iraqis will ever have. Therefore, each U.S. Soldier has a role in America's enduring partnership in Iraq.

<b>What does the Army have planned for the future' </b>

Operation Iraqi Freedom Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) are being replaced by Advisory and Assistance Brigades (AAB.) The difference in the BCT and the AAB is they are augmented with additional officers in stability transition teams with skill sets to provide enabler training and build the capacity of the ISF.

U.S. forces continue to advise and assist their ISF partners as they prepare for the upcoming national elections in March 2010. The people in Iraq have embraced their young democracy.

<b>Why is this important to the Army' </b>

Fully completing the mission in Iraq enhances the U.S. as a reliable and enduring partner with Iraq and the Middle East. With ISF in the lead in security, U.S. forces can focus efforts on improving stability and infrastructure in Iraq. The success of our partnership enables us to reduce our forces in Iraq and responsibly drawdown.

<b>Resources: </b>

<a href="http://www.usf-i.com/ " target="_blank"> United States Forces-Iraq Web site</a>

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