A tale of two sets of twins:
At times, the lives of Courtney and Collin Applewhite have mirrored that of Sally Williams and Susan Rowley.

Reflections of each other, twins Colin and Courtney Applewhite along with Susan Rowly and Sally Williams as close to one another like two peas in two pods.

The two sets of twins have pursued the same career choices, attended the same colleges, and resided under the same roof after completing college with their siblings.

Identical twins Courtney and Collin were born in
Elkhart, Indiana, attended Indiana State University, received their bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration; and afterward they moved to Atlanta, their second home, Atlanta. Four years later the duo relocated to Washington D.C. and both are now contracting specialist interns at the Army Contracting Command's North Capital Region Contracting Center.

"The Applewhites possess the educational credentials and represent the professionalism the contracting community has been trying to attain for the past 20 years," Gabrielle Ward, Deputy Director for Office of the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting ACC NCRCC-ITEC4, said. "They also network and communicate in a professional manner and have already established relationships with other interns, senior contract specialists and managers that demonstrate strong
communication skills."

The Applewhites live together, work together, and are currently on the same career path, sharing the same career goals.

"We are very like-minded, and I've found that we do gravitate toward many of the same ideas, opinions, and goals," said Courtney. "However we do make individual decisions."
One decision separately made ended with Courtney obtaining a license to operate heavy machinery and Collin one in Cosmetology.

"With practice, my skill level increased significantly. Now I can drive a forklift like it is a Lamborghini," said Courtney. "As for my brother, many of his clients refer to his talent level as awesome. "It's very resourceful to be able to work with your hands."

Susan and Sally were born in Alexandria, Virginia and attended Northern Virginia Community College in nearby Annandale. Unlike the Applewhite's, Susan and Sally didn't move around the country. They were raised in Virginia.

"My twin is my other half and no one knows me better than her. She is my best friend and always looks out for my best interests," Susan said. "We think alike, enjoy the same sense of humor and we're both very empathetic."

The sisters entered the government workforce in the 80's. Susan with the Air Force intelligence Service as a clerk typist in 1982 while Sally came aboard in 1984 and began contracting in 1990 as part of the Department of the Army intern program.

They have not always worked in the same building but have always worked in the same area. They worked together in the same organization twice, once for the Defense Security Service and then with the Military Traffic Management Command.
Susan and Sally have been on one accord most of the time and like most sibling relationships, they've had their fair share of friendly competition.

Sally remembers a time where they shared crushes on the same boys in high school and then there was the incident where they went after the same guy. The object of their affection brought along a friend to for a double date with the sisters. The friend ended up being the no-one wanted -to date-him consolation prize.

"We had to get into the car and his friend was in the backseat, so a shoving match ensued where we wer jockeying for the front seat," said Sally. "I wasn't about to give up and eventually Susan managed to regain her dignity and pride and took the back seat with the friend. I am happy to say I wound up with the crush."

Sally and Susan are commonly mistaken for their sibling but certain mix-ups and comments never flew with the twins.

"People have made the mistake of saying "oh, you are prettier than your twin"; which we both do not perceive as a compliment but as an insult to our other half," said Sally. "As a twin, others expectations for our friendship are much higher."

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