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FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- The U.S. Army Materiel Command officially launches the AMC Job Swap Program today.

The program was developed in an effort to alleviate challenges that AMC will face in filling critical positions during the dozens of Base Realignment and Closure moves going on throughout the command.

<strong>What is Job Swap' </strong>

The Job Swap Program is an alternative approach to the placement of AMC civilian employees affected by the 2005 BRAC decision.

There is no vacancy being filled in a swap. Instead, two permanent AMC civilian employees, in similar or like jobs, switch positions and organizations. The switch amounts to a lateral reassignment or transfer. (<a href="">AMC CONUS map</a>)

<strong>Who is eligible'</strong>

A "job swap" provides for the reassignment of two AMC employees who have the same position title, series, and grade or pay band when no vacancy exists and neither employee has declined an offer under Transfer of Function, Transfer of Work, or management-directed reassignment.

The Job Swap Program is available to any AMC civilian employee on a non-temporary/non-term appointment in a CONUS position affected by BRAC 2005. Employees must be willing to swap jobs, via a lateral reassignment, with another AMC employee under these same conditions.

Non-BRAC impacted employees wishing to swap with a BRAC impacted employee are also eligible. Job Swaps are exempt from the Priority Placement Program.

<strong>How do I apply'</strong>

The program will be available Feb. 12. AMC employees can express their interest in swapping through the use of Army Knowledge Online at <a href=""></a>.

The Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers will collaborate on potential matches and review qualifications of interested employees. CPAC will coordinate the swap with affected supervisors, human resources points of contact and employees.

For more information on the AMC Job Swap Program, please contact <a href="'subject=AMC%20Job%20Swap%20Program">Tracie Harris</a> at (256) 450-9080.

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