The Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Command, (NSRDEC) provides everything the Soldier eats, carries, is sheltered in and wears for protection. The NSRDEC Director, Dr. Marilyn Freeman is starting a new voluntary project entitled Touch of Home that will start on Feb. 17. There are many people across the country that knit or crochet and they are making Prayer Shawls to show their love and support to those in need in their local communities. The NSRDEC Touch of Home effort is intended to provide recovering warfighters within or near our community with comforting, hand-made shawls and lap-robes to show support and recognize their unselfish and heroic sacrifices. "I often give my prayer shawls to friends in the hospital or to friends or family who are recovering from illness or have lost a loved one," said Freeman. "I tell them that when they wear the shawl, they can think about my arms folding about them to provide some additional warmth and comfort when they need it." The voluntary program will take place each Wednesday starting at 4 p.m. at the NSRDEC director's office. "I have a goal of completing 20 shawls/lap robes for delivery by Memorial Day and another 20 by Veterans Day," said Freeman. "If you are hesitant due to a lack of skill or supplies, I'll provide instruction and guidance for beginners and patterns, yarn and crochet or knitting needles." The first meeting is Feb. 17. Participating in the effort will give you a chance to give back to our warfighters who have given of themselves.

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