Guard Soldiers rescue motorist stranded in snow
Capt. Christian Callender, Maryland Army National Gaurd, assists a motorist who was stranded in his vehicle, just outside of Baltimore on 95 South.

BALTIMORE (Feb. 6, 2010) -- Showing the National Guard's capabilities during emergencies such as the massive snowstorm hitting the Mid-Atlantic region, a team of Maryland National Guard Soldiers rescued a stranded motorist Saturday morning.

The HUMVEE with Maryland National Guard Soldiers came upon Baltimore resident David Page's vehicle on Interstate 95 south of the city at about 8 a.m.

Page had been stuck in his car for hours, according to Lt. Col. Charles Kohler. Snowplows had obviously come through multiple times and piled up snow around his car on both sides, making it almost impossible for him to get out.

"There were several vehicles which were abandoned on the roads, and we were checking them all to make sure that everybody was ok," said Kohler.

The Guard Soldiers gave Page food and water and transported him to a warm location where he was able to call family members to let them know he was safe.

The Maryland National Guard had 117 HUMVEEs on the road assisting local emergency responders as the state reacted to its largest snowfall since a 2003 President's Day snowstorm.

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