FORT BRAGG, N.C. - For the child of a Soldier, life can seem stressful. Mom or dad is often deployed to a far-away land. Every few years, the Family packs up and moves from state to state or, occasionally, across the ocean. Military children might think they are alone in their respective plights, but Military Kids Blog offers a forum for these kids to discuss the challenges and benefits of living the military lifestyle.

Katie Glenn, the children's outreach program manager for Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission, created the blog in June. The Web site address is

"We decided to start the blog as a way for military kids to have an outlet for their thoughts and emotions," Glenn explained. "The blog was started as a safe haven because sometimes people feel better writing the things they feel down, rather than saying them out loud."

Glenn knows firsthand the trials and tribulations experienced by the children of Soldiers. Her father is in the Army and is stationed here.
She said anyone who grew up in a military household, no matter the person's current age, is welcome to submit posts at

"The most prevalent themes on the blog seem to be regarding thoughts about deployment and moving; however, pride in our unique service to the country has been a popular topic, as well," Glenn said.

Since June, more than 40 posts have been added to the Web site and several thousand people have visited the blog.

Joi Nicole Chrishon, a student at Fayetteville Academy, has visited the blog but hasn't yet submitted any posts. However, she said she understands the importance of Military Kids Blog. Both of her parents are retired Army officers.

"Even though my parents are retired, it is important that we military kids have this blog to discuss our experiences and problems that not everybody may understand," Chrishon explained.
Glenn said this is exactly why the blog was created.

"When you write down (your thoughts) and share them on the blog, no one's judging you, and no one asks you questions. They simply read what you decided to share," said Glenn. "The hope is that the blog will help military kids realize the things they think and feel are not so uncommon and are, in fact, themes for generations of military kids."

If you would like to add a post to Military Kids Blog, send your submissions to Be sure to include your first name, age and the branch of the military your parent served. Photos, videos and articles about military kids and Families are also welcomed on the blog.

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