<b> "For Love of Liberty" : Showcasing African Americans' Military Service</b>

<b> What is it' </b>

To honor African-Americans who served and commemorate African American History Month (February 2010), a major television documentary <i>For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots</i> will air the week of Feb. 1 on Public Broadcasting System stations.. This powerful four-hour, two-segment film, produced with the Army's cooperation, conveys the untold story of African Americans' military service throughout the nation's history to win and protect freedoms they themselves often didn't enjoy at the time.

<b> What is the Army doing' </b>

Soldiers, Army civilian employees and Army families are encouraged to watch "For Love of Liberty." They will gain much deeper understanding, appreciation and pride concerning African Americans' past and present courage and sacrifice in harm's way. The program will air amid a variety of Black History Month commemoration activities across the Army, including a Pentagon event on Feb. 11.

<b> Why is this important to the Army'</b>

Past and present generations of African Americans help drive the success of today's all-volunteer Army. As high-ranking generals, senior non-commissioned officers, or civilian leaders, all are role models involved in sustaining the greatest Army in the world and contributing to the strength of our nation.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the scholar and historian who is called "The Father of Black History," said that "those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history." There's no better record and no better inspiration for the Army family than "For Love of Liberty."

<b> What's the way forward'</b>

During the week of Feb. 1, the first two-hour segment of "For Love of Liberty," will air early in the week on PBS stations and the second two-hour segment will air later in the week (see local listings).

The story told by "For Love of Liberty" about African Americans' service and sacrifice has no end; it is still unfolding. To help sustain the All-Volunteer Force, including addressing personnel shortages in certain critical occupational specialties, African American Soldiers and Army civilian employees can pick up where the film leaves off. They can capitalize on the interest and goodwill generated by the film by sharing their Army stories-and their love of liberty-with prospective recruits and their influencers.

<b> Resources: </b>

Special Army Web site (effective Jan. 31, 2010): www.forloveofliberty.net

Civilian Web site (includes video clips): <a href="http://www.forloveofliberty.org/" target="_blank"> For Love of Liberty</a>

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