FORT LEE, Va. (January 15, 2010) -- In an effort to expand accessibility for government personnel and stay current with modern trends and technology, the Army officially launched the FM 4-0, Sustainment, audio book and downloadable MP3 file.

The audio book is an innovative way to engage the iPOD generation of Soldiers and Civilians who seek a better understanding of sustainment operations. Instead of trying to find the time to sit down and read the manual, individuals may listen to it while they are traveling, exercising or performing other activities, said Patrick Conway, chief knowledge officer, Combined Arms Support Command.

The idea behind the audio book came from Maj.Gen. James E. Chambers, commanding general, Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee, who realized the importance multimedia plays in the lives of many.

"We live in an age of iPODs, Smart Phones and MP3 players, with multimedia capabilities. Let\'s use these capabilities to improve the knowledge of our force," said Chambers. "Soldiers and Civilians now have additional media for learning about sustainment of Army forces by means other than printed text. In this fast paced environment, the audio book allows individuals to multi-task."

FM 4-0, Sustainment is the Army's keystone document for sustainment in support of full spectrum operations. Sustainment encompasses all of the material, field services, human resources, health, religious and legal support required to support Army operations through mission completion.

The intent of the manual is to explain how sustainment generates combat power, supports strategic and operations reach, and enables endurance. This field manual establishes how sustainment operations are integrated and synchronized into the overall operations process.

Sustainment by nature affects every Soldier, Chambers explained. "It covers everything from what a Soldier eats and wears to religious, legal and medical support affecting the Soldier. FM 4-0 describes the sound principles for how sustainment supports Soldiers individually and as a combat ready force.

The audio book is another tool that enables individuals to access information about sustainment in support of full spectrum of operations.

To download the audio book, personnel must have Army Knowledge Online or Common Access Card credentials. The only way to obtain the audio book is online. There are no plans of distributing CDs.

To access and download FM 4-0 go to Click on FM 4-0 Sustainment (publication and audio book) on the scroll bar at the top of the page. The book is in MP3 format and will work on any device that plays MP3 files.

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