DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. - In a quest to establish energy efficiency and save money, leaders of the U.S. Army Garrison-Detroit Arsenal remain dedicated to identifying areas for conservation; but they need your help.

"Energy conservation is everyone's responsibility," said Florence Trevino, environmental protection specialist. "The small efforts of each employee can make a huge difference when looking at the big picture on the installation."

How can you help to preserve our natural resources'
Aca,!AcTurn off monitors and printers during non-business hours
Aca,!AcTurn off unnecessary lighting when leaving a room, even for a short time
Aca,!AcUse both sides of the paper when printing material
Aca,!AcReuse office supplies like folders, interoffice envelops and paperclips
Aca,!AcEmail correspondence instead of printing out material
Aca,!AcRecycle office paper, junk mail, newspapers, aluminum cans, cardboard, old batteries and ink cartridges using the appropriate receptacles
Aca,!AcKeep office doors closed to retain heat
Aca,!AcDrink from a non-disposable mug
Aca,!AcHelp other employees to remember to conserve
Aca,!AcReport potential energy wasting practices and facility standards on-site to your Zone Coordinator

What changes can you see from the garrison'
Aca,!AcSynchronization of lighting in major common areas.
Aca,!AcInstallation of motion-activated water faucets in specific areas
Aca,!AcRemoval of lights from vending machines
Aca,!AcInstallation of lighting sensors in break areas, control rooms and individual offices enabling lights to automatically turn on when facilities are occupied and turn off when not in use.
Aca,!AcReplacement of televisions and monitors with energy efficiency LCD sets
Aca,!AcDecrease in hot water temperature settings by 10-20 degrees
Aca,!AcReduction of the parking lot lighting during non-business hours

The USAG-Detroit Arsenal strives to preserve natural resources. Implementing energy conservation projects can also reduce expenditures and increase operating efficiency.

Speak up. Remind your co-workers to not be energy hogs. You can make a difference in energy conservation. Your efforts can change our world for the better.

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