Warrior Country units win Commander's Cup
Popular events such as the annual Rucksack Challenge where Soldiers compete individually and in teams are among the most popular sporting events in all of Korea. Many individual Soldiers and unit teams come to Warrior Country to compete every year for trophies and bragging rights in sporting events of all types and kinds, which take place only in Warrior Country. Only units and individual Soldiers in Warrior Country can earn points toward the Commander's Cup.

RED CLOUD GARRISON - Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 1-72nd Armor won the Commander's Cup two sessions in a row by scoring 1,470 points in the second session of the Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation Commander's Cup competition which ran from July 1 to December 31, 2009. Placing 2 is Headquarters, Headquarters Company 2nd Infantry Division with a total of 1, 193 points.

"Winning this event gives the Soldiers and their commanders huge bragging rights," remarked Randy Behr, Area I FMWR sports director. "On top of that, it really bonds together the kind of camaraderie we are all looking to achieve in Warrior Country."

Close competition is the most outstanding and noticeable factor in Warrior Country sporting events, he said.

"Every event on our calendar is a part of the Commander's Cup," Behr said. "Points are based on participation and how successful the individuals or teams are when they participate in these events. We have a breakdown of points for teams, individuals, and leagues. There is an order of points for all these types of events."

Placing 3 with 787 points was 61st Maintenance, 4 with 658 points were Headquarters and Headquarters Service Company Division, Special Troops Battalion, and 5 with 633 points was B, 1-15 Field Artillery.

"When teams compete or individuals compete they add up all their total points for their units," Behr said.

"These total points are high in number. Large units can participate in as many as 18 events, and have a large number of Soldiers competing in individual and team events to accrue as many points as they possibly can. We broke these events into two six month periods: one beginning Jan. 1 and ending June 30 and the second beginning July 1 and ending Dec. 31."

Points are based on all sports sanctioned by the director of USAG-Red Cloud FMWR.

When individuals compete they do not win the same number of points a team would when they compete and win, Behr explained.

"We think it is much more difficult to field a team to compete and win points than to field individuals," Behr said.

"There are entry points and winning points for both individuals and teams. Each unit team will be awarded 100 points for teams competing in the Intramural League Program. These teams must complete the season to be eligible for team entry points."

Individual entry points are 10 points awarded to units for each Soldier on the varsity level men's or women's team (Softball, Basketball and Flag Football). Players must complete the season to be eligible for participation points."

Championship points breakdown for each championship are: winners earn 150 points in enclave events and 75 points in Warrior Country events. Unit level teams placing 2 will earn 100 points for enclave events and 50 points for Warrior Country events. Units placing 3 will respectively earn 75 and 25 points.

The objective of the Commander's Cup program is to promote maximum participation, reward accomplishments in sport competition, provide healthy leisure alternatives, and develop an esprit de' corps among the units in Warrior Country, Behr said.

The trophy, appropriately engraved, is a perpetual rotating trophy and will remain with the winning units, both 1st and 2nd place for a period of five and a half months when it is returned to Warrior Country FMWR to be awarded to the winners of the next session.

"This event definitely brings the troops and the units together," Behr said.

There are no less than 68 events planned and ready to execute in Warrior Country for 2010. To learn more about the Commander's Cup, contact FMWR sports at 732-6927.

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