Detroit Arsenal Rings in the New Year with AFAP
Maj. Gen Scott G. West, TACOM LCMC commander, discusses issues with his wife, Patti, at the Detroit Arsenal AFAP Conference as Capt. Francis O. Wey, JAG, looks on.

DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. - Aca,!A"Ring in the new year with new ideasAca,!A? was the theme of the Detroit ArsenalAca,!a,,cs Army Family Action Plan held Jan. 6-7 at the John Lewis Conference Center, Macomb Community College.

The AFAP is a process designed to let Army leadership know what works, what doesnAca,!a,,ct and how to fix it. For the past 26 years, the grass-roots forum has been instrumental in resolving more than 449 issues through policy changes and by enhancing support programs.

Maj. Gen. Scott G. West, TACOM LCMC commander, his wife Patti, and Brenda Lee McCullough, garrison manager, were in attendance at the two-day conference, demonstrating their total commitment to improving the standards of living for our Soldiers, Families, Retirees, and Department of the Army Civilians.

Detroit Arsenal employees submitted 33 issues for AFAP consideration. Three groups of seven delegates thoroughly evaluated and discussed the topics with subject matter experts, prioritized concerns, and then diligently worked with a trained team of volunteers to produce quality results.

Titles of the eight issues are: Child Care Space Availability at Detroit Arsenal; Permanent Space for Middle School and Teen Programs at Detroit Arsenal; Establishment of a Michigan Military Family Community; Eligibility of National Guard and Reservists for Veterans Preference; Inadequate Space for Group Fitness Program at Detroit Arsenal; Teleworking at the Detroit Arsenal; Short Term Disability Insurance for Civilian Employees; and Detroit Arsenal Civilian Tuition Assistance Program.

Jenny Downey, AFAP program manager, was thrilled with the results. "One of the most rewarding things to come out of our conference was to witness the camaraderie that the workgroup participants had by the end of day two,Aca,!A? said Downey. Aca,!A"The participants were asked to elect one spokesperson from each group to present each issue during the report out session. To my delight and surprise, each workgroup stood together to present the issues they had worked. It was an awesome display of teamwork and devotion to their issues and each other."

Conference delegates also voted on what they viewed as the top four most valuable Army services. The majority selected the following, which are listed in the order of their importance: Medical and Dental Care, Army Community Service, the Commissary, and Child Development Services.

The opening ceremony featured a hand-bell group, The Chancel Bells, led by Linda Bauer, from St. Paul Lutheran Church of Grosse Pointe Farms. The musical ensemble played a myriad of patriotic tunes, but the highlight of the performance involved the playing of the Army Song, which brought attendees to their feet as they joined in singing the words.

The conference proved to be so rewarding that 100 percent of the participants stated on the evaluation sheet they would participate in future forums. Aca,!A"This was my very first AFAP conference and I have thoroughly enjoyed it,Aca,!A? said one participant. Aca,!A"It has helped me learn more about what we do. I am so thankful to be here.Aca,!A?

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