BAGHDAD - Two non-commissioned officers from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division were inducted into the prestigious Audie Murphy Club at Joint Security Station Old Mod, Dec. 23.

Formed at Fort Hood, Texas in early 1986, the Audie Murphy Club recognizes the outstanding leadership accomplishments and the embodiment of the NCO philosophy-loyalty, caring, discipline and professionalism.

"The Audie Murphy Club is one of the hardest awards to receive," said Roseau, Minn. native, Staff Sgt. Gavin Anderson, one of the recipients.

"[Staff Sgt.] Anderson's professionalism, loyalty, caring and discipline are what define him as a Soldier and make him the dependable leader that he is. I find myself lucky to have served for and with Staff Sergeant Anderson," said Knox, Ind. native, Pfc. Randy Sibo.

Anderson isn't the only one earn this recognition, his fellow NCO, Staff Sgt. Erik Shumake, of Leander, Texas , was also inducted.

"[Shumake] works to accomplish tasks to standard while optimizing personal time as best he can," said Milwaukee, Wis. native, Cpl. Tyler Lubbers. "He is always willing to offer a helping hand and is never afraid to get his hands dirty; he takes his position and responsibilities seriously and is always ready to take on new challenges."

"This being a prestigious club, many think they would never be able to pass," admitted Shumake. "Is it hard' Yes, but it's one of those things you feel accomplished when you pass it."

The board consisted of sergeants major and command sergeants major asking a variety of questions, including basic Army knowledge and scenarios.

"Preparation for the Audie Murphy board cannot be accomplished overnight, or even in a week," explained Anderson. "It's a wide spread knowledge of leadership you gain through experience and your time in the Army."

"When I learned that I had had been nominated, I felt honored that they thought I was a good candidate for the Audie Murphy award," said Shumake.

The two inductees were awarded with the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club Medallion, the Army Commendation Medal, a FORSCOM Certificate of Achievement, and the SAMC Certificate.

"I hope that my Soldiers learn to take every opportunity that is given to them," said Anderson. "If they want it bad enough, they can do anything they want too."

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