Goat remembered
Cpl. Short Round IV peers out of a trailer as his friend and mentor, Staff Sgt. Big Deuce, gets ready for a ceremony at Fort Sill's Old Post Quadrangle last summer. Short Round died on Dec. 8.

FORT SILL, Okla.--Living a Soldier's life, it isn't uncommon to hear about, or attend, a memorial service for a fallen comrad.

On Dec. 8, Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 2nd Field Artillery lost a friend, a loved one, a battle buddy, a morale raiser and a mascot. Cpl. Short Round IV, their goat mascot, died.

In a memorial service held Monday at the Deuce Cemetery, Capt. Charles Legget, battalion chaplain, celebrated Cpl. Short Round's life during a tribute. Capt. John Bechtold gave Cpl. Short Round a posthumous promotion to the rank of sergeant, and Lt. Col. Jeffery O'Neal and Command Sgt. Maj. Robert White delivered farewell remarks.

Soldiers and officers from throughout the battalion attended the service, as did Col. John S. Fant, 428th Field Artillery brigade commander, who also paid his respects.
Short Round's battle buddy and closest friend, Staff Sgt. Big Deuce VI, was also in attendance.

Short Round enlisted in in February 2002. He was assigned to the unit March 1, 2002. He served as technical advisor under Big Deuce. He attended the U.S. Army's Escape and Evasion Course, which he mastered and put to use to conduct remedial physical training and land navigation during non-duty hours.

His contributions to the Big Deuce battalion included POW training, high physical fitness standards, participation in ceremonies and raising unit morale. His record included 32 retirement ceremonies, 32 salutes, 26 battalion runs, 16 battalion organizational days and one St. Barbara's Day ball.

A short history

The original Short Round arrived in 1982 and served as a technical advisor to Big Deuce IV. He retired on Aug. 9, 1991.

Short Round II never officially made it to the unit. He failed to pass the entrance exam and was not admitted into the U.S. Army.

Short Round III arrived in 1997. He is remembered for the uproar he caused when he ate the bark off of Big Deuce's shade tree, causing the tree to die. He died in 2002.

Short Round IV arrived in March 2002. His death on Dec. 8 is under investigation.

On Jan. 19, the battalion will have an induction ceremony for their newest mascot, Pvt. Short Round V. The newest member of the Big Deuce Battalion will be a 4-month-old red goat.

"We are going with field artillery red," said O'Neal.

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