To be embraced by the arms of the wind
Smiled upon by stars

Small in contrast to skies deep and vast
Rivers knowing and still
Currents cutting and fast

Leaving my simple reasoning in awe...
Without a single flaw despite
Human law

So I plead you forgive mortal greed
My mind is in need to know the story of your seed

And footsteps that tread hear before mine
The Indians, Romans, the African and Greek
The wise royal sick young the blind and weak

Guarded by the mothering of your hand
Patient and kind
Your beauty soothing to body
Flooring to the mind

Replenish what it is I think I know
Marveled at your mysteries
The roar of your skin rippling through mid-air
I fancied riding the chill of your breath Imagined
The sky your stare

The trees dance not by chance
Music is all I can hear
Moving my soul to the rhythm of your aura
My heart sways to shores on your skirt hem
The moon forms pathways on your oceans
I have yet
To walk across

We focus more on physical than mental
Ignorance the expensive cost
Your wrath whistles through the spirits of mankind
I just see it as you reclaiming yourself

Cleansing your aura with rapids of wind fire and water
Tsunamis hurricanes and such
Things like this would be less surprising if we
Had stayed spiritually in touch

So I lay close in hope that I'll hear your song whispers through
Dancing leaves
I fancy myself a stone in your veins
For they are streams

Polished by the wisdom of what they have seen
Grazed your bosoms in spirit
Shared conversations with clouds
I am thankful to be part of you
We are one and I am proud

Are flowers your laughter'
I know that you are more than a resource
A part of a universe abroad
The sun wanted you far enough so you wouldn't see him marvel
At the beauty of your harmony but close enough to bask in the warmth
Of his fingertips

The stars render you a spectacle watching you mature
Jupiter protecting you from meteor sores
I can appreciate the beauty I've witnessed in this dimension
And the stories you've inspired
Saga to explain the curve of your breasts

Racing sunrise to see the dew in your hair
Standing still to ride the chill of your breathe
I wish to know your story
So I listen...

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