CAMP TAJI, Iraq - Remaining steadfast and dedicated to the artillery world can pay off with high honors.

Saint Barbara was adopted as the patron saint of artillery to help protect the men from fires and sudden death. The Honorable Order of St. Barbara is only awarded to Soldiers that have the highest standards of professionalism while helping to improve the field artillery community.

Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy Weisheit, from Tucson, Ariz., the fire support noncommissioned officer in charge for the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, displayed the dedication and professionalism that compelled one of his fellow artillery men nominate him for the medal.

After seeing the efforts put forth by Weisheit, Capt. Robert McDonough, from Bonham, Texas, the fire support officer in 1st ACB, felt Weisheit deserved to receive the honors of this award.

Weisheit was nominated for the award because of willingness to go through great lengths in helping Soldiers better themselves, said McDonough. Combining that and his long history in field artillery is the reason he is being presented with this honor.

"In the artillery community, this award is extremely prestigious and only a select few receive it," said McDonough. "Since it's so rare, it just goes to show that there are great men out there serving in the artillery community and the Army."

Weisheit has been an artilleryman since he joined the army in 1996, before coming to the 1st ACB.

"The Order of Saint Barbra is one of the highest honors you can get in field artillery, it feels good to finally get recognized and it was an honor to get recognized in a unit that is not a field artillery unit," said Weisheit.

A part of that honor is being able to stand next to other recipients of the St. Barbara award during the St. Barbara Day ball, said Weisheit. It is an accomplishment to be part of that group.

"Something that makes it even better is my wife already has the Molly Pitcher Award," said Weisheit. "Both awards go hand in hand since Molly Pitcher was designated as the artillery man's wife."

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