Future in focus: Leaders take inventory of campaign plan
Post officials project that the completion of new family homes, such as the ones pictured, will lead to more Soldiers living on post. This, in turn, will have an effect on other quality-of-life services offered on Fort Jackson. The improvement of family housing is a major objective in the Fort Jackson campaign plan.

FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- One year after the unveiling of the Fort Jackson vision statement, which led to the implementation of the campaign plan this spring, post officials have summarized the progress caused by the new direction.

"The biggest achievement brought about by the campaign plan is focus," said Col. Jeffrey Sanderson, Fort Jackson's chief of staff. "We're all focused on the same common operational picture and the same common operational goals."

Fort Jackson's vision statement emphasizes that everyone on post is an integral part of Team Jackson.

"I think the Team Jackson (concept) is far more a reality now than it was 18 months ago when I took this chair," he said. "People believe it."

He said one prime example is the new Family Readiness Center, which opened earlier this year. The center serves as a meeting place for family readiness groups and as office space for those involved in family readiness.

"The Family Readiness Center illustrates the teamwork approach for the Team Jackson," Sanderson said. "If you walk in there today, you'll see a collage of different employees from IMCOM (and) the mission side. It's a whole layout of people who are all working for the greater good."

Mike Ryan, Fort Jackson's strategic planner, pointed out that this kind of close relationship between different organizations working on the same goal is one of the hallmarks of the campaign plan.

"The big thing throughout all that we do is how everything is interconnected," Ryan said.

One of the examples Ryan cited is the improvement made in the area of support and sustainability, one of the campaign plan's three lines of operation, which has helped improve training, another line of operation.

"How we can enhance the training a lot of times at our level, is by shaping the environment and providing the resources and the equipment," Ryan said. "I think we've done a lot of that."

Another area that has seen a lot of improvement, according to Ryan and Sanderson, is quality of life, the third line of operation.

"When you talk about quality of life for our families -- we're getting better every day," Sanderson said. "You just feel it around this whole place."

One quality-of-life aspect Sanderson said he is extremely proud of is the progress made in the area of mitigating the effects of persistent conflict (7.0 on the campaign plan strategy map).

"This is where we have to be able to ensure as an organization that we're doing the things we need to be doing to care for Soldiers and care for a Soldier's family," Sanderson said.

"I'm very proud of what we're doing with the drill sergeant resiliency program. ... Any way you slice Fort Jackson, the most important asset that we have here is the noncommissioned officer who's either the drill sergeant or the AIT platoon sergeant. ...

Trying to make their life better, trying to give them the resources to do their missions and trying to take care of them, in terms of mitigating the effects of persistent conflict -- that's important."

Ryan emphasized the importance of constantly monitoring the progress of all aspects of the campaign plan and being able to adjust the plan to new mission requirements. Next spring, installation leaders will take a look at the campaign plan and evaluate what modifications need to be made.

Sanderson emphasized that building a consensus among leaders from across Fort Jackson is important for the plan to be effective.

"This cannot be a top-driven product. We have to have subordinate leader buy-in," he said.

Sanderson said he does not foresee any changes to the vision statement, but acknowledged that the campaign plan itself is a dynamic product.

"The mission will always change here at Fort Jackson as new, emerging things come," he said. "To not have a plan is foolish, but to slavishly stay with the plan when the changes come is even more foolish."

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