KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan- Three women from different services have come together to make a difference in the expansion and sustainment of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Naval supply officer Lt. j. g. Monica Rojas with the 30th Naval Construction Regiment, Air Force civil engineer 1st Lt. Rebecca Bucher with the 777th Expeditionary "Prime BEEF" Squadron, and Army logistics Capt. Sarah Comeau with the 45th Sustainment Brigade met each other while deployed here. The three servicemembers have formed a bond, and now work closely in all matters regarding procurement, logistics and construction projects.

"It's rare for all the services to work together to accomplish what we are accomplishing: expansion and growth of [Regional Command - South] in a deployed environment," said Comeau of St. Paul, Minn. "Between the three of us, we are creating, building, and supplying both existing and new [forward operating bases] in Southern Afghanistan."

Comeau supplies FOBs with all classes of supply, orders what they need for sustainment, and ensures supplies and materiel get to the FOB in a timely manner. Shortages of supplies and equipment can hamper FOB construction during a time when U.S. operations in Afghanistan are intensifying.

The 45th Sustainment Brigade is an integral part of Joint Sustainment Command - Afghanistan, which provides command and control for units that provide a wide range of sustainment services to combat forces belonging to or sponsored by the U.S. The Prime BEEF Squadron executes projects planned by the 30th NCR at FOBs and combat outposts where subordinate units work.

"We work together in building up RC-South and sustaining our current units located in RC - South," said Rojas of Arlington, Texas. "I am the logistics side for the regiment, Sarah is the transportation and supply side for our Army Contacts, and Becky is the Air Force officer that plans projects for the 30th NCR."

Aca,!A"We do the work sent down from 30th NCR for life health safety repairs at [forward operating bases and combat outposts],Aca,!A? said Bucher of O'Fallon, Ill.

The 30th NCR is the Seabee unit from Port Hueneme, Calif., that has overall responsibility for all FOB construction projects in RC-S.

"Each [of us] brings a separate set of experiences to the table," said Rojas. "The fact that we are all from different services, backgrounds, and MOS's [military occupational specialties] or designators gives a huge opportunity for growing from each other. We all have the same mission, and are in the same location, but need each other's varying education and backgrounds in order to accomplish that mission."

Although all three U.S. military members work in different services, they all help each other in some way on KAF, and also all know the importance of keeping fit especially while deployed.

"I've always loved to workout and it's even more important to stay active while deployed," said Bucher following the strenuous workout. "The operational tempo can become quite stressful and staying active keeps you not only fit, but alert and lets you clear your mind for at least a little while. It definitely recharges the batteries."

The United Kingdom's indoor soccer field at KAF is home to circuit type exercises five days a week. This particular training consists of several games ranging from tag to races and circuit training.

"It's like Elementary Physical Education except 100 times harder," said Comeau. "In the middle of the workout, I would've rather have run a marathon then finished the seemingly endless amount of sprinting and drills! But, in the end, it was definitely worth it!"

"The UK soccer gym is the perfect place to conduct circuit training," said Rojas. "They have a new routine every week and focus on every part of the body."

People attending the class are primarily from countries outside the United States, making it a good networking opportunity for the U.S. military on base to expand their scope of knowledge and contacts, said Rojas.

All three female officers ran the Nov. 7 Freedom Run half marathon on KAF.

(Lt. j.g. Monica Rojas also contributed to this article)

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