FORT BLISS, TEXAS (October 16, 2009) - Every quarter, the Battle Command Complex (BCC) on Fort Bliss, TX holds a culinary "Iron Chef" style contest to decide bragging rights for the winning team.

The Tech team, who prepared shish kabobs consisting of homemade sausage, mushrooms, and assorted vegetables and complemented by ice cream cake shaped like a football emerged victorious in this competition.

This quarter's contest featured guest judges Brigadier General Keith Walker, Director of the Future Force Integration Directorate and Douglas Fletcher, his Chief of Staff.

Permanent judge Mike McCarthy, Chief of the BCC led the event laying out the rules and theme for the competition. "The event is a great way to build camaraderie and teamwork," stated Mike McCarthy.

The theme for the competition was tailgating with the three teams preparing a full course meals including deserts. The contestants were graded on a variety of categories including taste, presentation, and theme.

Each team presented to the judges in order and was to adhere to strict deadlines and rules in order to prevent disqualification.

Brigadier General Keith Walker stated that the contest was very close and all the meals were great but the Tech team won in every category sweeping the contest.

The heated rivalry for next quarter's event will likely continue as the Admin team hopes to reclaim their title and the current winner the Tech team proudly display their trophy and exercises their bragging rights.

For more information, contact Wesley Elliott, FFID Public Affairs Office, at (915) 568-4278.

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