BAMBERG, Germany - In observance of Veterans Day, Warner Barracks hosted two days of programs beginning Nov. 10.

The 15th Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Battalion saluted veterans, Soldiers and their Families at the post movie theater, incorporating character sketches, music and a variety of other performances.

Cadet Pvt. Dillon Luedtke narrated the program, which opened with a presentation of colors led by Cadet 1st Lt. Zachary Moose.

Cadets narrated a variety of compositions, including a "Veterans Day Tribute", "A Nation's
Strength" by Ralph Waldo Emerson and "The Ballad of Rodger Young" by Frank Loesser.

Young, who valiantly sacrificed his life for his fellow Soldiers during World War II, was embodied
by Cadet Pfc. Trent Harvey. Harvey dressed in vintage Army clothes and acting as Young, explained his reasons for serving and sacrificing for his country.

Some presentations were more personal.

Cadet Sgt. Mary Marshall read her poem, "My Hero," which touched on the hardships and pride of having a parent in the Army. She mentioned the missed holidays and birthdays, and all the moments she holds on to during her father's deployments.

"When it's time to say goodbye, we never really say it, because it's understood," she read. "These moments that you missed are scars on my heart."

Musical performances included "American Fantasy," played by middle/high school band members, "Lili Marlene," sung by Megan Bentley and "Travelin' Soldier," performed by Ashton Garner, Annaliza Montevirgen, Megan Bentley and Roger Schuff.

Following the ceremony, attendees were offered snacks and refreshments courtesy of the Bamberg Middle/High School Culinary Arts Club.

The JROTC and Veterans of Foreign Wars joined efforts Nov. 11 to pay tribute to those who have fought for freedom. A parade and wreath laying at Memorial Park were highlights of the day.

Retired Major Madonna L. Roberts, Senior Army Instructor of the 15th AJROTC Battalion, commented on the opening parade, and the commitment of the students.

"This is our fifth year doing it and it's gotten better every year," she said. "All the cadets will earn a parade ribbon today, which they otherwise don't have an opportunity to do."

The mother of Cadet Pvt. Malcolm Sago said she is glad her son decided to join AJROTC this year.

"It's a good connection between him and his Dad," she said.

The parade ended at Memorial Park, where VFW members, Soldiers and Families stood quietly. After the ceremony's opening formalities, guest speaker Lt. Col. Gary A. Rosenberg, U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg commander, was introduced.

Rosenberg opened by thanking the VFW and JROTC cadets, and then asked those present to join him in a moment of silence for the victims of the Fort Hood shooting the previous week.

"This day is a day of appreciation for the men and women, past and present, who have served our country in uniform," he said. "But veterans are not just people in uniform. They are not just men and women who have served our country. They are not just service members who fought our nation's wars. Veterans are men and women who have made a difference to our country and to many others in the world as well."

He pointed out the many careers veterans have embarked on, and how they continue to contribute to society as the champions of the downtrodden.

"No single group of people has so tremendously influenced the world as our veterans have," he said.

After Rosenberg's speech, VFW members placed flowers at the memorial site, commemorating service members. The commemorative wreath was laid and attendees were invited to a reception at the Warner Conference Center.

The two days of tribute allowed Soldiers and civilians, family members and retirees to share in remembrance and celebrate the veterans in their lives.

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