From Defender 6

Each November, Americans gather with family and friends to give thanks for the many blessings they enjoy as citizens of this great land. This Thanksgiving Day will be particularly poignant for the many thousands of Soldiers serving in harm's way and their families. As you celebrate in gratitude, let us recognize the selfless service and sacrifice of our war-fighters ensuring our security and freedom.

Although a time of joy and goodwill, this season brings particular hazards that can be unforgiving to the unprepared. Now is a good time to remind ourselves how to reduce the risks of driving in winter conditions, hunting, home fires, home decorations and electrical conditions, ice or snow-covered walkways, etc. Find information on these and other timely safety topics in the IMCOM Fall Winter Safety Brochure at Please exercise caution, because winter weather and heavy traffic may complicate your plans.
Getting there is more important than getting there on time. Use the Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPs) at to identify traveling risks and help reduce or eliminate the chance of an accident while traveling over the holiday months.

Finally, be vigilant for signs of distress among those around you. Be mindful of those for whom this season can be stressful and offer assistance or referrals as appropriate. Chaplains, counselors and the chain of command all have resources to help the needy or overwhelmed. We are blessed to live in a nation that values freedom and the sanctity of life. This Thanksgiving Day regardless of your holiday plans, please be aware of the hazards, take action to guard against them, and execute good safety practices. You are too important to the IMCOM Family and to your own families to fall victim to a preventable accident.

Support and Defend!

LTG Rick Lynch

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