CAMO Contest Prizewinners
A unique contest was held at USASMDC/ARSTRAT CAMO to help with teambuilding in light of the recent influx of new personnel. The winners were awarded prizes of Payday candy bars, 100,000 Grand candy bars, and for the last place winner, a Zero candy bar. Pictured from L to R: Amy Aguirre, Cynthia Smith, Karen Price, Neisha Valentin, and Gerri Reed.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. Aca,!" The Contracting Acquisition Management Office at U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command recently experienced an influx of new employees, so the office decided to host a unique contest to improve teambuilding and communication.

Aca,!A"WeAca,!a,,cve had quite a few new employees join the team,Aca,!A? said Farrell Adkins, executive officer, CAMO, USASMDC/ARSTRAT. Aca,!A"We decided we needed some kind of icebreaker that could help people get to know each other better.Aca,!A?

Adkins posted a challenge to the office: Identify your co-workers from their childhood photos that are posted on a central wall in CAMO.

Aca,!A"We wanted to bring our organization together and improve communication in a way that would interest people,Aca,!A? Adkins said. Aca,!A"ThereAca,!a,,cs something about childhood photos that people love to share. I had hoped that many of our employees would participate, but I didnAca,!a,,ct expect to receive 35 pictures for the wall.Aca,!A?

There are 68 employees in CAMO Huntsville, and with the influx of new personnel, the office wanted to find an interesting way to ensure that people could connect.

Aca,!A"In any large organization like CAMO, there is a degree of turnover and new faces,Aca,!A? said Leslie Duncan, contract specialist. Aca,!A"ItAca,!a,,cs hard to bring a large group together, but this really got everyoneAca,!a,,cs attention. People seemed to enjoy trying to figure out whoAca,!a,,cs who on the wall.Aca,!A?

Each photo on the wall was numbered, and the contest required that CAMO employees submit a list identifying who is in each photo by Nov. 19. Fifteen employees participated and awards were given based on the number of correct photo identifications.

The first place winner, Cynthia Smith, identified 31 correct photos out of the 35. Second and third place prizes were combined due to a tie between Amy Aguirre, and a team of three employees, Retha Adams, Neisha Valentin, and Gerri Reed. The second/third place winners tied by identifying 30 photos.

Aca,!A"We went all out at our awards ceremony and awarded high dollar monetary items such as Payday candy bars, $100,000 candy bars and funny money to our first, second and third place winners. Our last place winner (Karen Price) received a special Aca,!A"ZeroAca,!A? candy bar,Aca,!A? Duncan said with a smile. Aca,!A"She was a very good sport about her win.Aca,!A?

According to Adkins, building interpersonal bonds between personnel was the main goal of the contest and something that is important to the strength of an office.

Aca,!A"ItAca,!a,,cs that time of the season to stop and take the time to really recognize the faces of those who work around you that you may not know. Nurturing this human aspect of the office climate is a worthwhile long term investment,Aca,!A? he said.

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