As Singaporean F-16s and Apache helicopter pilots completed their integrated live fire passes near Thompson Tower, Tuesday, the relief of completing exercise Forging Sabre was evident in the handshakes, group photos and congratulations shared by all participants.

Maj. Gen. David Halverson, Fort Sill and Fires Center of Excellence commander, spoke of the steadfast and loyal partnership of the Singapore military and what a hallmark event the exercise was.

"It's important to do this because it really does forge this one team approach," Halverson said.

The exercise wrapped up a year-long effort by personnel from both countries planning and preparing for the Singaporean arrival.

"I'm delighted to work with the Singaporean joint forces. This joint and combined exercise is a culminating point for us because it shows the world-class joint fires center Fort Sill represents not only to our nation but also globally. For the Singaporeans to come here is a great testimony to the capabilities and the training ranges we have here," said Halverson.

On an Army post with more than 4,000 sorties each year, Halverson said the results of the Singapore visit are, "exactly what we want to see here in the future as we bring in more Coalition partners."

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