Cornerback for the Chicago Bears Charles Tillman, emerges through the smoke at Soldier Field to deliver the 4th Phase Bears Flag to U.S. Army Sergeant, Mano Kachatorian, Iraq Veteran. Kachatorian is with the 416th Theater Engineer Command in Darien, IL, United States Army Reserve. Tillman, whose father is a Sergeant in the Army, thanked Sgt. Kachatorian for his service during the pre-game festivities at the 2009 Chicago Bears Veterans Day game on Sunday, 08 November.

"I am proud to be a Soldier and just so honored to be involved in the Bears Veterans Day game," said Kachatorian. "And to have met Tillman, what a great down to earth guy. He totally took his time to shake my hand and thank me for being in the Army and then posed for a picture when he was supposed to be getting ready for the game."

After receiving the Bears Flag from Tillman, Kachatorian waved it on the field to the 65 Thousand-Plus stadium fans to get them riled up for the game. The crowd loved it; "Kach," as his friends call him, loved it...and then it was Game On!

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