Soldiers host children for Halloween on Casey
Trick-or-treaters come off the bus and head for Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment barracks to trick-or-treat Soldiers living there and enjoy the Halloween decorations and special thrills Soldiers have conjured up for them Oct. 31.

CASEY GARRISON South Korea - Halloween was another opportunity to create a neighborhood and friendly environment as the USAG-Casey Community Activities Center held Halloween, Oct. 31, in the CAC and partnered with units on USAG-Casey to "trick-or-treat," on post. Families in Warrior Country, with the help of the chain of command, are trying to create a neighborhood and friendly environment by making Korea 'the assignment of choice.'

"Soldiers and Family members are going through many changes in Area 1 now that command sponsored status has been approved for Area I," said Sally Hall, USAG-Casey CAC manager, "creating a rise in the number of Families within Warrior Country."

In the early part of the evening children, accompanied by their parents, came to the CAC in their costumes to have a small meal of pizza and juice before having a costume contest where costumes were judged according to age.

Buses arrived to transport the children at 5:30 p.m. to Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment USAG-Casey barracks. The Soldiers in the barracks and the Korean Augmentations to the United States Army, who have never celebrated Halloween, took the opportunity to dress up and decorate their hallways and rooms for the children who came to the HHD "defenders" barracks to trick-or-treat. KATUSA's painted their faces white and green similar to a skeleton and dimmed the lights in the barracks to prepare for the visiting children.

"The event went very well, everyone involved and who participated in the event had a good time," said Sgt. 1st Class Wayne Ayers. "CAC personnel told all of the Soldiers it was the best Halloween event the Casey CAC has produced."

After going through the HHD barracks and receiving candy from the USAG-Casey Community Bank, where the children went through a similar Trick-or-Treat experience, some children were not ready for what Spc. Christopher Fort and Pfc. Jonathan McCormick had in store for them.
As most of the Soldiers in 1-72nd Armor and HHD stood outside of their rooms passing out candy, Fort and McCormick went beyond the norm by dressing in their Nuclear, Biological and Chemical training gear with their gas masks and inserting a device in their throats to make a croaking noise when they spoke. Also, they decorated their room by hanging a bowl of candy on a stand while they pretended to be dead on the floor.

"I love Halloween, and being away from home it's nice to have fun this way," McCormick said. "This time of the year is for children. With command sponsored status being promoted, it is all about the children and being able to provide for them during the holiday season. We are just trying to make it fun for them."

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