Semiannual ethics training given in Warrior Country
Cpt. Joon Hong, Office of Staff Judge Advocate chief of administrative law, goes into detail of what conflicts of interest, and impartiality, one of the many talking points used in the mandatory Ethics Training Nov. 4 at the USAG-RC Theatre.

RED CLOUD GARRISON- Soldiers and Civilians spent the morning in Red Cloud's Theater Nov. 4 learning proper ethics from lawyers of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, which is mandated to occur twice a year.

The semiannual training was offered specifically to Civilians required to file an Office of Government Ethics 450 form, for those who participate personally and substantially through decision or the exercise of significant judgment, and without substantial supervision and review in taking government action.

"Under Army Regulation 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development, annual ethics training is required for contracting officers and Office of Government Ethics 450 filers," said Cpt. Joon Hong, Office of Staff Judge Advocate, chief of administrative law. "I hope that everyone learned about their ethical duties to maintain public confidence and public trust."

The ethics training conducted in the theatre was informal as led by Hong, with talking points about conflicts of interest, impartiality, and receiving as well as giving gifts with other important subjects. Each topic Hong presented was followed by a scenario demonstrating the subjected situation, and a multiple choice question about the right thing to do regarding each scenario.
Receiving gifts from outside sources is an issue in Korea because of standing traditions regarding when it is proper to give gifts to government officials for special favors.

"I think the training is important because it touches on the subjects we take for granted on a day-to-day basis when it comes to gift giving among federal employees." said Sgt. Maj. Dionne Davis, Directorate of Public Works. "Anything that keeps people updated about improper or unethical behavior is good training. I was under the impression you were not able to accept gifts from prohibited organizations, so that was something I was wrong about and learned during the training."

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