Machine Gun Training
Soldiers from the 75th Fires Brigade fire the M2 .50 caliber machine gun during brigade range week. During the training, Soldiers refreshed themselves on the proper care and firing procedures of various crew-served and individual weapons.

For Soldiers of the 75th Fires Brigade day-to-day tasks may consist of typing orders, preparing counseling statements or conducting maintenance on unit vehicles. For a change of pace, many members of the "Diamond Brigade" had the opportunity to send rounds downrange at various sites around Fort Sill.

For a week, Soldiers fired thousands of rounds from the M-2 .50-caliber rifle, MK19 40 mm grenade launcher, M-16 assault rifle, M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M-240B machine gun and the 9 mm pistol.

Training included preliminary marksmanship instructions, covering each weapon system so the Soldiers firing the weapons would feel comfortable and handle them properly.

"I thought the PMI's were well taught. I learned a lot about the 249 and the 240B that I never knew before," said Pfc. James Curry, 75th Fires Brigade intelligence analyst. "It was a great learning experience for those of us who have never shot these weapons before."

For some, most of the weapons were a new experience to fire and for many the weapons brought back many deployment stories to be shared with others.

"Getting to fire the 240B was a lot of fun and a lot different than firing the old M-16 that we usually shoot," said Pfc. Rudy Castillo, signal support systems specialist, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 75th Fires Brigade.

"I'm glad that most of us were able to get out there and shoot some heavy weapons."

The range week was educational and a break from the normal routine for many of the Soldiers.

"Going to the Mk19 range was probably the best range I have been to all year," said Staff Sgt. David Hamblin, 75th Fires Brigade senior intelligence analyst. "It was run quickly and proficient; we got in there had our fun, it ran real smooth."

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