Baghdad, Iraq - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is tackling age old problems in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Baghdad. Engineers from the Gulf Region District are managing a pair of projects in the Adhamiyah District to provide a new storm sewer system and a sanitary sewer network to residents in this northwestern suburb.

The $1.8 million sewer project calls for major reconstruction of the existing system and replacing the sewer lines, manholes, manhole covers and connecting the sewer network to homes, according to Sara Delmonico, project engineer for the sewer project. The project was built using U.S. State Department Economic Support Funds.

The key to the sewer project, Delmonico says, is the trunk line currently being constructed. The trunk line acts as the main highway between the two sanitary networks and the pump station. "This trunk line will restore the sewage flow in the network and greatly improve the area's sewage infrastructure," Delmonico said. The new system fully complies with the Amanat Baghdad Sewer Authority's design criteria and construction specifications.

"By the end of the year, residents will see a vast improvement in the conditions of the streets with standing sewage eliminated from the area," according to Delmonico.

"Residents will not only have a new, working sewage network, but they will also be relieved to have the construction traffic out of their area."

The sewer project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year with over 600 homes initially being connected to the new sewer network.

Heavy seasonal rains had turned the Adhamiyah area roads and neighborhoods into virtual lakes due to the neglect of the old storm water sewer system.
The new network consists of new storm lines, manholes and storm drainage inlets, according to Delmonico. "This project took a little longer than expected because of the security situation, the extremely poor site conditions and our initial inexperience in building a sewage infrastructure system," Delmonico said.

"The storm network is now fully operational and a huge success."

The $1.26 million storm drain project was also built with U.S. State Department Economic Support Funds.

The Iraqi owned Sima International, S.A.R.L, served as the general contractor for both projects that each employed over 20 local workers, adding a much needed boost to the local economy.


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